Important Skills for Young Offensive Lineman

Young Offensive Line pic
Young Offensive Line

A construction executive based on the Monterey Peninsula, Ryan Vucina serves as the chief operations manager of Vucina Construction in Pacific Grove, California. As a student at Pacific Grove High School, he was an All-League Offensive Tackle and was recruited by three college programs.

When developing skills in a young offensive lineman, it is important to start with basic skills such as a proper stance. The player’s weight should remain balanced at all times, giving him the versatility to run block and pass block. If a lineman’s weight falls too far forward, he will be unable to contain defenders running around the edge. If a lineman stands too upright, he will be pushed backwards too easily.

In the same vein, young offensive linemen must learn how to fire off the line as quickly and powerfully as possible. The first two stages of firing off the line involve the power step at the end of the snap count and the quick step to react to the defense. After completing the first two steps, linemen must attack the defender by making contact with the defender’s chest area.