Judo Techniques

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Judo Techniques
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Ryan Vucina is the Chief Operations Manager at Vucina Construction, Inc., in Carmel, California. Outside of work, Ryan Vucina enjoys judo, and ranked fourth nationally in competitive judo.

The martial art form Judo involves throwing techniques and grappling techniques. Throwing techniques involve a pulling and rotating motion and are split into two groups. Standing techniques occur when the person performing the throw remains standing, and sacrifice techniques are when the person performing the throw puts himself in an unfavorable position to better execute the throw. Some popular standing techniques include Te-waza, in which the practitioner uses his hands and arms to throw his opponent, and Asi-waza, in which the practitioner sweeps his legs to down his opponent. One common sacrifice technique is Ma-sutemi-waza, in which an opponent drops onto his back to execute a throw.

Grappling techniques occur when both opponents are already on the ground. There are three basic grappling techniques. Pinning involves holding the opponent down on his or her back, while choking involves compressing the neck veins. Joint locking involves bending the opponent’s joint in the reverse direction in order to lock it.