About Ryan Vucina

1425589032_ryan vucinaRyan Vucina serves as Chief Operations Manager with Vucina Construction, Inc., and delivers complex Monterey peninsula construction projects from blueprint stage to completion. Mr. Vucina has extensive experience in mixed-use and interior construction in the luxury residential market and has coordinated work on diverse projects, including residences in private gated communities and custom oceanside homes. In 2014, Ryan Vucina received the Santa Lucia Preserve Design Review Board’s prestigious “Best Construction Site” award.

Since joining his present firm in 2004, Mr. Vucina has additionally earned recognition from the Monterey Herald for erecting the community’s first Alzheimer’s facility. He also played a vital role in preserving the “Green Mansion,” which was the Boy Scouts’ initial U.S. headquarters. Mr. Vucina coordinates closely with municipalities to ensure that permits are obtained and all applicable codes and regulations are complied with. A former high school football standout, Ryan Vucina contributes to the Pacific Grove School District athletic and academic programs.


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