The Benefits of Hosting an International Exchange Student

Vucina Construction, Inc. pic
Vucina Construction, Inc.

Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, Inc., Ryan Vucina has supported athletic and academic programs in Pacific Grove School District. Moreover, Ryan Vucina has supported various international exchange students.

An important way of supporting international exchange programs is becoming a host. There are numerous benefits to hosting an international exchange student, including the ones listed below:

1. Inviting an exchange student into one’s home expands one’s cultural horizons. The experience presents the host with the opportunity to learn a new language, try new foods, and listen to new music among other activities.

2. Exchange students offer a new perspective of the host’s culture. Hosts can learn about the international impact of their nation’s policies and how other cultures around the world view and understand their culture.

3. Not only does hosting a student impact the people living under the same roof as the student, but it also expands diversity and awareness in the local school and community. Additionally, children who have exchange “siblings” may themselves become more interested in having international experiences.


Pacific Grove High School Alumni Association Stays Active

Pacific Grove High School
Pacific Grove High School


As the Chief Operating Manager at Vucina Construction, Inc., Ryan Vucina oversees all aspects of operation for this family-owned Northern California company. A graduate of Pacific Grove High School (PGHS), where he was an award-winning, all-league offensive tackle on the football team, Ryan Vucina continues to support academics and athletics at his alma mater.

Pacific Grove High School has an active alumni association whose members plan social events, such as reunions, and support a variety of student activities at the school. Alumni donations help to offset the costs of a sober grad night and the senior trip to Disneyland. In the past, alumni monies have been used to support the mock trial team as well as to defray the costs of the student “Close Up” program that allows students to travel to Washington, D.C. and get a first-hand look at government.

Additionally, the PGHS alumni association awards several different scholarships to deserving students. Scholarships recognize excellence in music, vocational work, science and technology, and scholar/athlete dedication.

MPC Alumni Scholarships


Monterey Peninsula College pic
Monterey Peninsula College

Construction chief operations manager Ryan Vucina is involved in various charitable activities, including providing monetary support to academic and athletic programs of the Pacific Grove School District. Ryan Vucina studied business management at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC), which also provides substantial financial assistance to its students.

Located in Monterey, California, MPC is a fully accredited public community college. Having an open admissions policy, it offers more than 100 certificate and degree programs. MPC is known as a leading military-friendly school with outstanding academic programs and support services for its students.

Through the MPC Foundation more than 160 scholarships are granted annually to MPC students. This includes five MPC Alumni Scholarships, amounting to $1,000 each, which will be granted to students who will be attending MPC in the fall of 2016 and are related to an MPC alumnus. The Alumni Committee of the foundation funds this particular scholarship program.

Protecting the Youth of the Boy Scouts of America

BSA Image:


Real estate executive Ryan Vucina is the Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, where he delivers complex construction processes to meet the needs of developers. Ryan Vucina spearheaded the award-winning effort to restore the Green Mansion, the first Boy Scouts headquarters in the US. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the most prominent youth development organizations in the country, and as such is involved in the protection of young people.

BSA believes that it should promote an environment conducive to the protection of its youth members. It is for this reason that the organization conducts a required youth protection training for all registered volunteers. This involves the mandatory reporting of child abuse, whether it’s sexual abuse or neglect. All BSA volunteers have the vested responsibility of reporting such mistreatment.

Moreover, BSA also enacts ordinances aimed at protecting youth members and adult leaders. This includes several policies involving two-deep leadership during outings, separation of tents between adults and youth, and the monitoring of youth leadership.

Judo Techniques

Judo Techniques pic
Judo Techniques

Ryan Vucina is the Chief Operations Manager at Vucina Construction, Inc., in Carmel, California. Outside of work, Ryan Vucina enjoys judo, and ranked fourth nationally in competitive judo.

The martial art form Judo involves throwing techniques and grappling techniques. Throwing techniques involve a pulling and rotating motion and are split into two groups. Standing techniques occur when the person performing the throw remains standing, and sacrifice techniques are when the person performing the throw puts himself in an unfavorable position to better execute the throw. Some popular standing techniques include Te-waza, in which the practitioner uses his hands and arms to throw his opponent, and Asi-waza, in which the practitioner sweeps his legs to down his opponent. One common sacrifice technique is Ma-sutemi-waza, in which an opponent drops onto his back to execute a throw.

Grappling techniques occur when both opponents are already on the ground. There are three basic grappling techniques. Pinning involves holding the opponent down on his or her back, while choking involves compressing the neck veins. Joint locking involves bending the opponent’s joint in the reverse direction in order to lock it.

Important Skills for Young Offensive Lineman

Young Offensive Line pic
Young Offensive Line

A construction executive based on the Monterey Peninsula, Ryan Vucina serves as the chief operations manager of Vucina Construction in Pacific Grove, California. As a student at Pacific Grove High School, he was an All-League Offensive Tackle and was recruited by three college programs.

When developing skills in a young offensive lineman, it is important to start with basic skills such as a proper stance. The player’s weight should remain balanced at all times, giving him the versatility to run block and pass block. If a lineman’s weight falls too far forward, he will be unable to contain defenders running around the edge. If a lineman stands too upright, he will be pushed backwards too easily.

In the same vein, young offensive linemen must learn how to fire off the line as quickly and powerfully as possible. The first two stages of firing off the line involve the power step at the end of the snap count and the quick step to react to the defense. After completing the first two steps, linemen must attack the defender by making contact with the defender’s chest area.

Monterey Peninsula College Foundation

Ryan Vucina has served as the Chief Operations Manager with Vucina Construction, Inc., for more than a decade, handling a wide variety of mixed-use projects for the company. In recognition of his achievements, he earned the 2014 Best Construction Site Award from the Santa Lucia Preserve Design Review Board. Ryan Vucina holds a degree in business management from Monterey Peninsula College.

One of 110 colleges in the California community college system, Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) offers more than 100 degree and certificate programs designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year university or to enter the workforce. In 1994, Monterey Peninsula leaders recognized the need for community support for the college and established the MPC Foundation. With an endowment of more than $1 million, the foundation funds faculty and staff awards, improvements to facilities and programs, and student scholarships. In addition to advocating for the school in the community, the foundation has been instrumental in campus improvements, such as the new Library and Technology Center.