The Hacienda-Style Home

Hacienda-Style Home pic
Hacienda-Style Home

Ryan Vucina serves as Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, Inc. In that capacity, Ryan Vucina has managed the construction of two hacienda-style luxury homes among other projects.

Haciendas were estates built for minor Spanish nobility in the Americas during the colonial period. Since then, the term has come to be used to describe a traditional architectural style. Generally speaking, a hacienda-style home is U-shaped with the closed end hosting the living quarters and overlooking a beautiful view. The inside of the “U” typically has a courtyard garden. The covered hallway bordering the courtyard gives access to the surrounding bedrooms, and the garden may have a small pond or fountain.

Traditional architectural elements of hacienda-style homes include arched walkways and high ceilings. Haciendas are also known for the use of natural materials in their construction. The houses may have decorated concrete floor tiles, wrought-iron elements, and richly colored interiors. Old-world touches, such as clay-tile porch roofs and stone pavers, may also be included depending on the available natural resources and the geographical location.