An Overview of the Offensive Tackle Position

Offensive Tackle pic
Offensive Tackle

Ryan Vucina is an experienced Chief Operations Manager in the construction equipment delivery industry and has worked with luxury, mixed use, residential, and interior developers for more than a decade. Outside of the construction industry, Ryan Vucina contributes to various Pacific Grove School District academic and athletic programs. He spent time as an All League offensive tackle at Pacific Grove High School and was recruited by multiple colleges.

The position of offensive tackle is one of the least celebrated by mainstream sports fans, yet it is by far one of the most important roles on the field. Offensive tackles line up on the far ends of the offensive line, with a left offensive tackle taking on the responsibility of protecting a right handed quarterback’s blind side. When it comes to high level, competitive football, teams generally experience only as much success as their quarterbacks can provide, making a strong, intelligent tackle of paramount importance to every squad.

Offensive tackles are tasked with defending the opposing team’s most effective pass rushers. The left tack, or a right tackle protecting a left handed quarterback, is particularly valuable in regards to a quarterback’s success and health, as a right handed quarterback must face right to pass, turning his back to the left of the field. Tackles cannot simply rely on brute strength, however, as additional responsibilities involve communicating detailed pass rush information to the quarterback, which demands a high football IQ, and covering smaller, quicker defenders, which requires quick, agile feet.