Protecting the Youth of the Boy Scouts of America

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Real estate executive Ryan Vucina is the Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, where he delivers complex construction processes to meet the needs of developers. Ryan Vucina spearheaded the award-winning effort to restore the Green Mansion, the first Boy Scouts headquarters in the US. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the most prominent youth development organizations in the country, and as such is involved in the protection of young people.

BSA believes that it should promote an environment conducive to the protection of its youth members. It is for this reason that the organization conducts a required youth protection training for all registered volunteers. This involves the mandatory reporting of child abuse, whether it’s sexual abuse or neglect. All BSA volunteers have the vested responsibility of reporting such mistreatment.

Moreover, BSA also enacts ordinances aimed at protecting youth members and adult leaders. This includes several policies involving two-deep leadership during outings, separation of tents between adults and youth, and the monitoring of youth leadership.