Pacific Grove School District’s Fundraising Programs

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Pacific Grove High School

As the Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, Inc., Ryan Vucina managed the construction of several properties with an cumulative construction cost of $21 million. To give back to the community, Ryan Vucina provides financial support to the Pacific Grove School District’s academic and athletic programs.

Pacific Grove High School welcomes private individuals to donate to the school through its PTA fundraising efforts. One of its programs is the eScrip Online Mall Fundraising. A percentage of every purchase made through the ecommerce site goes directly to beneficiary schools, such as Pacific Grove High School. Merchants such as Macy’s give back 4.8% of their profits to this program.

Pacific Grove High School also raises funds through the PTA Magazine Fundraiser. This online magazine drive is facilitated by American Publishers, and offers over 850 magazines and 100 digital subscriptions. Donors need only purchase or renew their subscription and input the school’s code, and 50 percent of the sales will be donated to the school. That money will then be used to fund student activities and athletics.


Judo Practice Types

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Before becoming the Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, Ryan Vucina participated in competitive judo, ranking fourth nationally. Judo practitioners such as Ryan Vucina must master a variety of forms and techniques to excel in this art.

Judo training consists of three different types of practice. Formal exercises, called kata, focus on building the practitioner’s understanding of basic techniques and form, to be used in the other two forms of practice. Freestyle fighting, or randori, focuses on applying those skills and can be practiced with opponents of any skill level. Randori with a more skilled opponent often involves getting thrown frequently and defending against an onslaught of attacks, while randori with a comparably skilled opponent is closer to a match in terms of overall flow. Finally, in a judo match, judo practitioners apply the skills learned during the other forms of practice.

Judo practitioners must practice against both stronger and weaker opponents to build a solid foundation before a match. Only a judo practitioner who is experienced with both throwing and being thrown will be able to maintain composure and move effectively in a proper match.